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art direction, photography


Once it has been said that we are all spending our lives in search of the other half of our soul to be complete. It was believed that when we are born, the soul we are given was split apart and half of it was given to someone else. That person must be born on the same date.

Some people may think that their soulmate should be their closest partner. What if they are having an entirely different life with us? When we were depressed, our other halves were in their best days. When we just broke up with our partner, our other halves just got happily married. Or when we won the lottery, our other halves lost their job. We are like living in the opposite side of the world to take a balance of opposites.

Imagine one day that we were meeting our other halves, what would we say to them?




Nikon FE 28mm f/2.8     |     Kodak 500T
Canon 70D 50mm f/1.4

Photographer: Emily Kwan
Model: Stefani Lai
Design concept: Emily Kwan
Art Direction: Emily Kwan
Photography assistant: Yinfung Lam


January 2017