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Reverse the Beginning

Reverse the beginning

book design, graphic design, editorial design

When I wanted to work on The Theory of Everything and the theme Time, I always want to do something reversible and change the form of the book to something more flexible.

So I came up with the design of 360 degrees book - echoing with what Stephen Hawking had been studying during his university life – reversing time to the beginning of time, and that scene was the most memorable and impressive to me also. What if time really reversible? Will people still treasure the moment that they are living? I want to present how ironic that Stephen was studying about the issue of time, black hole and universe, while his disease made him running out of time of being a normal person.

The book was divided into three parts: first part is the story between Stephen and Jane, presented by laser-cuttings, we can see the flow of story by the sequence and like a slideshow; second part is the content of the introduction, review and analysis about the movie; third part would be the reverse of the first part's story, representing the reverse in time to the most beautiful period of Stephen's life. Since the book is in coptic-stitch binding, so the book can be opened in 360 degrees, forming a cycle of the story, the beginning will be the end.


June 2015