O.OO NBS© The experimental exhibition

O.OO NBS© The experimental exhibition

exhibition design, graphic design, art direction

Point and Line Through Surface, Breaking with Reflection.

The movement of time has given lives everything, things pass as time goes by. The next second will replace the previous and become the past. We can never capture the beauty of the present, but only to let it become our memory. When you realise it, it means that it has left already.

Repeated patterns and regular mechanism were adopted as the major structure of the installation. Seemingly same shapes present different patterns through the passing of time, it's ever-changing and unique. The aim of this project was to create the most variations with a minimal elements. To breakthrough our own experience, and to extend possibilities within the most basic frame.

contributed during internship in O.OO   |   idea development, pattern creation, exhibition design
O.OO Risograph & Design ROOM

August 2016