Iconic Works

Hotel ICON Durian Mooncake Promotion Flyer & Voucher
July 2015
This set of design combining with the ordering form of the durian mooncake for Hotel ICON's Mid-Autumn Festival 2015. A more modern style approach was used, by using a circle symbolizing the full moon of the Mid-Autumn Festival, together with the coperate metallic green and pattern from Hotel ICON's logo, featuring the newly launched durian mooncake specially designed for Mid-Autumn Festival 2015.

Wedding Fair E-Information Board
September 2015

XBox Set Up Guide
December 2015

5th Anniversary Logo Design Competition (Kids Division) E-Promotion
June 2016

Transportation information card for airport travel
December 2016

Seafood Night Flyer Design
August 2015

Shuttle Bus E-Schedule
October 2015

In-room essentials price list
January 2016

Lunar New Year of Monkey E-Card
Feburary 2016

Mother's Day Menu Flyer
April 2016

Spoon-event redeem voucher
May 2016

Lunar New Year of Rooster Facebook promotional materials
January 2017