59 fotosoc

branding, graphic design, editorial design, print design
(collaborated with Yanny Chow)

Promotional items designed for The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 59th Photographic Society in 2014 – 2015.


The logo was inspired by the structure and shape of tangram, symbolising the action of reframing. Also, the circle at the centre symbolises the camera lens. The whole logo also represent the overlapping "R" and "F", the short form of ReFrame.

Name card

Name card designed for 14 committee members of the society. The name card design was inspired from the shape and frame of film.

Sponsor booklet

Sponsor booklet designed for different sponsoring companies or organisations presenting the proposal on behalf of the society.

Society booklet

Society booklet designed for promoting the image of the society by introducing the committee members coherencing with the theme of the society photos – blending photographic elements into cookery – which is more friendly and easily accepted by the public.

Camping booklet

Camping booklet designed for the Orientation Camp 2014.


Different promotional items displayed throughout the year, either in digital or printed format.